About Us

The purpose of Show of Support is to demonstrate public support for the men and women of our military by providing outdoor opportunities to those injured in service to our country. 

Started by Terry Johnson in 2004, the program also seeks to bring public awareness to the outdoor sports of hunting and fishing, respect for our resources and the care and preservation of those assets in addition to simply saying thanks.

In an effort to show support to the men and women of our military forces a reception is held.  Each year, U.S. Service Men and Women from different branches of our armed forces will be honored for their service to this country. The banquet will be held prior to their departure to participate in an all expense paid whitetail deer hunt. This is our way of saying "THANKS" West Texas style!

Men and women from any branch of service who were injured and are discharged or will be discharged prior the scheduled hunt, are eligible for consideration to participate in the outdoor adventures that we offer.

These individuals have selflessly given their service to our nation to guarantee our safety and to protect our freedoms. There is not a more noble cause than what these individuals have taken upon themselves to do.  Their sense of honor, dignity, pride and sacrifice is what allows us to live in a nation that others clamor to our borders to be a part of.  They have volunteered to put their lives on the line for their beliefs, a free America.  Free from the threat of a segment of those who would want to see us living in fear.  This mighty nation will and is standing up to this terror threat thanks to these individuals.

Your tax deductable donation is used to fund our program and provide wounded soldiers with hunting gear, hunting adventures, travel, meals, accommodations and material support as our way of showing thanks for the sacrifice of our American soldiers.

Contacting Us

Show of Support Military Hunt, Inc. P.O.Box 11225 Midland, TX. 79702 Office: 432-687-2167 Fax: 432-682-5363