CBT Charity

It is truly an honor and a privilege to be involved with the Show of Support organization. As many of you know, CBT Charity represents Chesapeake Operating in an annual fishing tournament on Lake Amistad in Del Rio, Texas during the month of March.  For the last five years we have donated the proceeds of our bass tournament to Show of Support (SOS).  The efforts of Terry Johnson and his staff is very admirable and should be an inspiration to us all.

CBT Charity is very fortunate to be involved with such an organization that is trying so diligently to say “Thank You“ to the men and women of our military.  Saying “Thank You” is such a small effort that has such a huge effect on our American Heroes.  Again, we are honored to help the SOS accomplish its goal of showing the appreciation and gratitude for those men and women who have sacrificed so much in order to ensure the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America.

CBT Charity truly understands the importance of thanking these men & women and have provided this tournament as a way of showing our unwavering support for this program.

God Bless them all and God Bless America

Mark Mabe
Production Superintendent
Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Mark Mabe of CBT Charity and many others in this organization again hosted their annual fishing tournament in Del Rio Texas on March 27 & 28, 2010.  All the proceeds for this tournament benefit Show of Support in our efforts to express our sincere thanks to the combat wounded brave men & women of the United States Armed Forces who sacrifice and serve our country to keep us safe.

For CBT Charity's 5th Annual Fishing Tournament they invited (6) Show of Support Alumni Members to participate in the tournament.  They are:

Army SGT Robert Leonard, SOS Alumni 2006

Navy CPO Peter Johns, SOS Alumni 2007

USMC CPL/Army SPC Kris Rodriguez, SOS Alumni 2008

Army SGT Andrew Brady, SOS Alumni 2009

USMC CPT Jerry Fuentes, SOS Alumni 2009

Army SGT Josh Kinser, SOS Alumni 2009

Needless to say the idea of being invited for these Heroes was exciting but the looks on their face when they all arrived and were presented with new fishing gear to include (2) fishing poles, fishing backpack to hold all their new gear to include lures, sunscreen, snacks and all that is needed on a fishing trip was a bit overwhelming for them.

The tournament had 100 fishing teams that celebrated this great outdoor activity and the weather was great for this tournament.  All the teams were out for the thrill of catching the big one and claiming the CBT Champion Fishermen title for 2010.  Although, all teams had a great time and most had many big fish stories to tell, the team crowned the champions for this tournament received an incredible total grand prize of $3,250.

The CBT Charity Banquet on Saturday night honored the (6) Show of Support Heroes.  At one point during the auction supporter, Mr. Chuck Baine, won a mystery cooler and gave it to the Heroes as a gift.  This cooler was opened to find $1,000 in cash and several gifts!  The Heroes were overcome with emotion and could not believe someone would do this for them.  They split the proceeds and were very happy to attend this event.  All The Heroes caught incredible fish and learned more about bass fishing than they ever imagined.

Thank you CBT Charity, for your unwavering generosity and support to Show of Support’s Military Hunt 2010 and the Heroes we honor.

Terry Johnson