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Who We Are...

Show of Support is a 501C3 non profit origanization honoring America's wounded veterans. Our generous donors allow us to thank these heroes with our annual Hunt for Heroes banquet and supply them and their wives with a week of West Texas hospitality and outdoor hunting adventures.

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In this Section we highlight all current and past recipients of our award.  Please use the menu above or the lnks below to browse these fine men and women.



SGT Wesley, Brandon


SSG Ballard, Mark - Army
SGM Foskey Jr., Hugh - Army
SPC Martinez, Octavio - Army
CPL Harmon, Jason - USMC
SSG Bennett, John - Army
SRA Read, Colton - Air Force
MSGT Lindsey, Anthony - USMC
SSG Deen, Billy - Army
SSG Cox, Charles - Army, NG & Reserves
SSG Pannell, Charles - Army
SGT Stewart, Timothy - Army
SPC Dahlman, Louis - Army
SSG, Kay, Sammy - Army
SSG Walker, Zachary - Army
SSG Mazander, Christopher - Army
SGT Stankus, Anthony - USMC

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GYSGT Matea, Steven - USMC (Created)
SGT Andela, Michael - USMC (Created)
SGT Collum, Michael - Army & National Guard
SSG Shannon, John - Army
SSGT Bill, David - USMC
SSG Hensley, William - Army
SSG McElwain, Scott - Air Force


SGT Dennis Cline - Army
1SG Jamie Andries - USMC
CPL Robert Cauthon - USMC
SGT Michael Cranmer - USMC
GYSGT Samuel D. Deeds- USMC
CPT Gerald Fuentes - USMC
MSG Brett Hightower - Army NG/USMC Reserves
SSG Jay Howton - Army NG
SSG Josh Kinser - Army
1SG Peter Lara - Army
Lt Col David Lofgren - USMC Reserve
LCPL Matthew McSweeney - USMC
SSG Ian Newland - Army
SGT Michael Owens - USMC
CWO3 Jeff Pcola - USMC
SSG Clayton Rankin - Army
SSG Bobby Rutherford - Army
SGT Klent Scroggins - Army
SGT Gavin Sibayan - Army
SGM Dale Veneklasen - Army
SSGT Dominico Washington - USMC
CPL Jonathan Rist - USMC
CPL James R. Stephens - USMC
SSG Clifford D. Neighbors - Army
SGT Andrew Brady - Army


LTC Charles Bagnato
SFC Sean Bennett- US Army
GY SGT Daniel Bogart- USMC
CPL Joshua Burdine- USMC
SFC John Clipp- US Army
SGT Ryan Coulson- US Army
SFC/CPL Stanley Demuth- US Army/Marine
CPL Donny Doughenbaugh- USMC
SSG John Faulkenberry- US Army
CPL Neil Frustaglio- USMC
SFC Grayson Galatas- Army NG
CWO-4 Bradley Garfield- USMC
SSG Shilo Harris- US Army
SFC Ronnie Hatheway- US Army
CPL David Hillary- US Army
SSGT Daniel Kachmar- USMC
SSG Brent Klaiber- US Army
SGT Wayne Landis- US Army
GYSGT Christopher Lopez- USMC
CW3 James Lowman- US Army
SGT Gary Keith Lubin- US Army
SGT Jason McNamara- US Army
SGT Erick Millette- US Army
SSG Nathan Price- US Army
MSG Daniel Robles- US Army
SPC/CPL Kris Rodriguez - US Army/USMC

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None Listed


SGT Elijah Allen
SPC Scott Bunker
SSG Walter Clark
SSG Chris Claude
SFC Robert Cuthbertson
LCPL Kyle Dawson
SGT Charles Eggleston
SGT John Fuller
SSG Chris Gill
LCPL Rudy Guzman
SGT Michael Hovgaard
LCPL Seth Judy
SGM Scott Lamorte
SGT Robert Leonard
CPL Beau Links
MSG Steven Martin
SGT Ernest Morgan
SSG Everett Patton
Tyler Sloan
LCPL Michael Strahle
LTC Dennis Walburn
SGT Chad Watkins
SGT David Yancey
CPT Robert Klinger
SPC Gary Whitten

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